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Andrea Bigiarini interview on Refresh your Life magazine.

My interview on "Refresh your life" Magazine, I'm talking about New Era Museum and projects for this year.

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I want to thank Miomira Medaković Topalović for this great opportunity to speak freely.

The idea of creating the New Era Museum came to me in 2011. It’s been for 4 years that I’ve been attending various iphoneographic groups on Flickr, EyeEm and Facebook and I understood that what it is not just a community of creators all over the world but a real new international art movement. In December 2012, I decided that all those thousands of works that circulated on the net should be collected in a common house, so I personally wrote to each artist to invite them to take part in the New Era Museum. I must say that the response was positive and beyond expectations. About 150 artists supported my strange idea of setting up a museum with their work. I also decided to create galleries dedicated to the most common types of photography (selfie, street photography, black and white, landscapes etc.) on EyeEm and assign a curator to all of them. Every 15 days, the curators would choose the most significant works to be included in the New Era Museum.
That was how everything was born.
A democratic and decentralized creature.
— Andrea Bigiarini