"Ordinary Days" 01 Landscapes series
I’ve always been a fan of absurd things.
Ever since I was a child I had fun with imagination, to place within my reality, absurd things or impossible situations. It was a bit like making more funny something that appeared to be totally boring. The same thing I did when I watched the paintings to a museum or an art exhibition with my father.
Yes, I have to admit, I love the nonsense.
In this “Ordinary Days” series I have tried to depict with an semi-impressionist painting style, some places with one or more elements totally out of context. These are the ordinary days of my imagination that for the first time I transferred photos.
It’s something that I enjoy very much.
Have fun
— Andrea Bigiarini

All the works in this series are limited editions (7 pieces), printed in A3 format on paper Canson Photo Rag 320 grams and signed by me.