IMPOSSIBLE HUMANS "Renaissance People 2" Photo Shooting

IMPOSSIBLE HUMANS "Renaissance People 2" Photo Shooting

You are invited SATURDAY 21st SEPTEMBER from 17:30 onwards to:

Impossible Humans '' Renaissance people 2 '' Photo-Shooting.

Giovanni Turchi Gallery Via Maggio 42R Florence.

Photographers on the set Andrea Bigiarini (New Era Museum) and Stefano Amantini (FIPA) - Special guest Gianluca Ricoveri, Dilshad Corleone. (New Era Museum) - Additional Guest Dieter Gaebel.

It is a photographic session, part of the project of "Impossible Humans" dedicated to people and characters of the new Renaissance in progress from and to Florence in the global cultural, artistic, sporting and social world.

The event received the patronage of the Municipality of Florence and is part of the events of the Florentine Summer and is part of the Florence Art week of the XXXI edition of the International Biennial Exhibition of Florence.