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Room 60006 - Composed by Andrea Bigiarini Featuring Marco Testoni

 Andrea Bigiarini & Marco Testoni

Andrea Bigiarini & Marco Testoni

"Room 60006" composed by Andrea Bigiarini Featuring Marco Testoni Cinematic Handpans.

Marco Testoni is an unusual percussionist, composer and music supervisor, whose latest solo album Impatiens featured the collaboration of Billy Cobham.

With the striking and evocative sound of his set of Caisa drums (new generation metallophones belonging to the same family as the more famous Caribbean steel drums) Marco Testoni has once again brought out the capacity of percussion to fully express a “lyricism of rhythm”, which represents the artistic essence and manifesto of his musical style.

In 2010 he founded the Pollock Project, a visionary ensemble built on the force of the intuition and the aesthetics of Art-Jazz which is able to conceive of a “visual music” with intense colours and surrealist references, so that the live act is intertwined with the visual arts and video mashups.

Marco Testoni has wrote songs for the likes of Antonella Ruggiero, Tosca, Paola Turci and Edoardo De Angelis. From 1987 he worked as media and film composer or music consultant closely with directors (Guy Shelmerdine, Marco Bellocchio, Paolo Genovese, Alessandro De Robilant, Luca Miniero, Stefano Reali, Manuel Zarpellon, Francesco Vicario, Paolo Costella) producers and editors in the choice of music best suited to build the music-design of a movie or a commercial (Philip Morris, Golia Activ Plus, Mandorlato Balocco).

Marco Testoni's score for BlackOut won the award for Best Original Song for an Italian Film of the Premio Colonne Sonore 2014 and he has been declared winner of the Premio Roma Videoclip 2015 Award for Best Composer. His book "Music and visual media", published in 2016 by Audino Editore, treats the topic of soundtrack and his management, technical and artistic aspects.

Video by Andrea Bigiarini